Become a Place to be

If you have a private room or an apartment available, become a host and let the travelers enjoy your unique place !

Become a Friendly House

If you have children between 14 and 18 years old and you are ready to welcome young people from all over the world to Israel, become a friendly house!

Tips and Guidelines for Hosting Families and Flat Owners

  2. Sharing your space or passions with someone you’ve never met can feel like a leap of faith. Below you’ll find some recommended tips and guidelines.
  3. Following them may help you ensure your hosting experience, as well as your guest’s trip, go as smoothly as possible; however, none of them can replace common sense and good will.
  5. Set clear expectations
  6. Your listing should let potential guests know exactly what the unique features and amenities of your home or experience are.
  7. Even small details like the number of flights of stairs to your front door   can help make sure guests enjoy their time with you.
  9. Set guest requirements
  10. Every guest is asked to provide their full name, date of birth, photo, phone number, email address, and payment information to Isradreams, before booking.
  11. Flat Owners also have the option to require guests to provide Isradreams with a copy of their official ID before booking their listing. If you’re a Flat Owner, you can also set house rules outlining specific requirements from guests (such as quiet hours).
  13. Read profiles & reviews
  14. If you want to know more about a guest before accepting their reservation request, simply browse through their profile or read reviews from past Hosting Families or Flat Owners.
  15. Hosts and guests can only review each other after a reservation is complete, so you know the feedback you’re reading is received regarding guests who have actually stayed with the Hosting Families or in the offered accommodation.
  17. Get to know your guests before they arrive
  18. Our secure messaging tool gives you the chance to get acquainted with your guests and answer or ask any questions that come up before their actual arrival or during their trip.
  19. Our messaging platform is also a great place to coordinate things like check-in or provide local recommendations.
  21. Purchase Insurance
  22. We strongly recommend that you purchase adequate insurance which covers third party liability towards your guests, whether you are a Hosting Family or a Flat Owner.
  24. We’re here for you
  25. In the unlikely event that an issue should arise, our team is available (subject to the terms and conditions of the program) to do the best it can to support you and your guests.
  26. You may contact us though any of the communication means specified on our website.