Become a Place to be

If you have a private room or an apartment available, become a host and let the travelers enjoy your unique place !

Become a Friendly House

If you have children between 14 and 18 years old and you are ready to welcome young people from all over the world to Israel, become a friendly house!

Tips and Guidelines for Travelers

  • Here are a few tips and guidelines. Following them can help ensure a smooth trip and a successful stay. These are recommendations gathered according to our experience. They are not intended to replace common sense.
  1. Avoid surprises as much as you can: Be serious about searching and booking
    Be sure to read the host’s full profile and listing or experience description thoroughly, paying special attention to the amenities, house rules, or trip requirements, and the cancellation policy.
  • Read the ratings & reviews
  • Check the ratings of the listing you are interested in and go over feedback posted by past guests. This will help you decide if this listing is right for you as well.
  • The ratings are uploaded by prior   guests, who are requested to fill in their impressions regarding several quality criteria, such as: sanitary conditions and the general condition of the listing (has it been cleaned recently etc.); the   accuracy of the listing’s description as uploaded by the owner, and other important criteria.
  • Detailed reviews with authentic feedback about the experience can be found on our website, regarding every listing on offer. Guests can only leave a review after they’ve stayed with that specific host or at a specific listing, and therefore you can be confident that the feedback is from someone who has  actually stayed with the Hosting Family or in the reviewed accommodation.
  • Get your questions answered
  • Our secure messaging tool is a safe and easy way for you to ask a potential Hosting Family or Flat Owner any questions you have about their home and family
  • or about the accommodation on offer,   before you book. After booking, you can also message your Hosting Family or the Flat Owner to coordinate check-in and stay in touch throughout your trip.
  • Be careful when dispatching your personal information: Communicate with Hosting Families and / or Flat Owners and clear your payments only through the Isradreams website
  • Keep yourself, your payments, and your personal information protected, as much as possible, by using our secure platform throughout the entire process — from communication, to booking and  payment. You should never be asked to wire money, provide credit card information or otherwise pay a Hosting Family or a Flat Owner directly.
  • If you are asked to do so, please do not comply and report the request to us immediately.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, avoid dangerous trips and excursions
  • Crossing over to areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority, visiting certain neighborhoods in east Jerusalem and visiting certain Arab communities may prove dangerous, dependent on the level of political tension on any given day. Events tend to develop rapidly. However, most tensions can be foreseen and avoided, by following announcements and broadcasts on Israeli media. Before planning a visit to any of the areas mentioned above, you should keep up to date with current reports and consult the local authorities.
  • In any case, it is strongly recommended NOT to enter refugee camps and / or travel away from major tourist attractions and / or in remote and / or rural areas in the West Bank. Under any circumstances, do NOT attempt to enter the Gaza Strip.
    As far as Israeli cities are concerned, travelling generally is safe and you should take precautions similar to those taken while travelling in any other major city in a developed country. Hitchhiking is not safe and we recommend that you completely avoid it.
  • Driving
  • Driving in Israel is an intense experience. Roads are usually crowded, especially during rush hours and close to city centers.
  • Exercise extra-caution while driving and be aware of electronic enforcement measures. Take special note of the fact the using navigation apps may lead you to areas in the West Bank.
  • Please make sure you adapt the app settings accordingly to avoid accidental entrance into dangerous areas.
  • Perform a safety check immediately after check-in
  • Once you’ve arrived at your home or experience, make sure you know where all relevant emergency equipment and safety information is located. If you’re not sure where something like the “miklat” (shelter) is, don’t hesitate to ask your host or the operator of the attraction. It’s always better to be prepared.
  • We’re here for you
  •  We’re standing by to do our best (subject to the terms and conditions of the program) to help with things like rebooking assistance and refunds or reimbursements.
  • You can contact us through the  various means of communications specified on our website.