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Zichron Yaakov, ישראל

1.5 Hours

There are two kinds of people, either oenology is a mystery to you, or you know it inside out! Either way, if you are a wine lover, this visit is a must!


Come listen to the stories of Baron Edmond De Rothschild ... how he chose Malka and Michael Chamiletzki, who came directly from Lithuania in 1882, to develop the wine estate in the Zikhron Ya’akov region.

Legend has it that the Chamiletzki family hosted Haim Nachman Bialik in 1925, and to thank them for their warm hospitality, the poet gave them a new surname: "Tishbi" which stands for "resident of the region of Shefeya in Israel".


While listening to the stories of the vineyard, stroll through the 25 hectares of the vineyard. You will see how each variety is grown according to its needs: Cabernet Sauvignon is planted on white limestone to produce grapes of the highest quality, while Chardonnay is grown on a black soil ...


The visit would not be complete without a tasting worthy of its name! Come and discover how to pair wine and chocolate.

Settle in comfortably and let the mistress of the house offer you a sample of several wines served in a crystal glass. Each glass is accompanied by a chocolate from the famous French factory Valrhona. While enjoying wine and chocolate, listen to the explanations on how the two interact with each other and make your taste buds explode!



  • A visit to the winery
  • A wine and chocolate tasting

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  1. As alcohol consumption is dangerous for health, only people over 18 years old will be allowed to participate in the wine tasting! (Sorry kids, your time will come
  2. Remember to bring comfortable shoes, your sunglasses and a hat for visiting the vineyards
  3. If you have extra time before or after your visit, we invite you visit Zichron Yaakov, a small town located a few kilometers from the winery, where you can explore the boutiques and cafes, reminiscent of a town in the south of France!
  4. You can also have lunch at the excellent restaurant in the winery
  5. Please arrive a few minutes before the start of your tour so as not miss any part of this unique adventure
  6. If you are with a group of friends and want to enjoy this activity together, just let us know!