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Jerusalem, ישראל

5 Hours

"If I forget you Jerusalem, let my right hand forget me. If I lose your memory, let my tongue cleave to my palate, if I do not exalt Jerusalem above my highest of joys".

This phrase from the psalms sums up the attachment of the three monotheistic religions to this "holy" city. Yerushalaim ... literally "city of peace", the cradle of the three religions!


Stroll through the city's mazes and come to learn about this city that unleashes passions!

The program of the visit is the Holy Sepulcher, built on the spot where Jesus agonized on the cross, Mount Moria, where Muhammad ascended into paradise, and the Wailing Wall, part of the temple built by King Solomon.


The tour does not stop there, it continues with the Davidson Archeology Center. It is home to impressive Byzantine remains, testifying to the presence of Jews in Jerusalem during a period when they were not allowed to live there.

More than a visit to the holy places, this is a cultural and sociological journey!


Wander just a few meters between Greek Orthodox priests, Arab merchants who will sell you small treasures of the shuk at unbeatable prices, Armenian monks, and Hasidic Jewish children with their parents!


English tour: Sunday 9:00-14:00 and 15:00-20:00

Hebrew tour: Tuesday 9:00-14:00

French tour: Tuesday 15:00-20:00


  • Enjoy the services of a private guide, certified by the Israel Tourist Authority, in the language of your choice
  • Fee includes entry to all sites

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Jerusalem, Israel


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