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Tsfat, Israel

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The Talmud teaches us that "even after death, tzaddikim are considered alive."
Some religious groups have the custom of making a pilgrimage to the tombs of the Righteous of Israel.

Most of these righteous are buried in the north of the country, in the region of Galilee. Come light a candle on the tomb of these tzadikim and perpetuate their teachings.


1st stop: Tombs of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai and Rabbi Elazar Bar Shimon on Mount Meron
Who has not heard of Shimon Bar Yaohai’s Hillulah - anniversary of death - on Lag Baomer? This celebration is renowned for the huge bonfires and gatherings on the tombs of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai and his son Eleazar.

But who were these great sages, considered as heroes of Rabbinic Judaism?
The story of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai plunges us back to the time when the Hebrew State lived under Roman rule, a few years after the destruction of the Second Temple.
According to tradition, Rabbi Shimon publicly opposed the Roman decree forbidding the study of the Torah. Sentenced to death, he exiles himself with his son to a cave for 13 years. From this exile emerges the composition of the Zohar, one of the major works of Kabbalah!


2nd stop: Tsfat Old Cemetery - Safed
Tsfat, or the "Kabbalists’ Blue City" is one of the four Jewish holy cities. Having become the refuge of many scholars after the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492, the city became one of the main centers of what is called the Kabbalah.

Stroll through the alleys of this city of Sages and come immerse yourself in its spirituality and its bluish atmosphere. The visit continues with the old cemetery, the cornerstone of the history of the Jewish people in exile. At the heart of this cemetery are the tombs of the Arizal, his pupil Rabbi Joseph Caro, and Rabbi Pinhas Ben Yair (Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai’s father-in-law).


3rd stop: Tomb of Rabbi Akiva in Tiberias
Who still needs to introduce Rabbi Akiva? If I say to you "Love your neighbor as yourself" ...
Another righteous of Israel who fought against the Roman regime in the land of Israel to encourage the fulfillment of the precepts of Judaism. He is condemned to being burned at the stake and legend has it that he died while saying “Shema Israel”.


4th stop: Tomb of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness in Tiberias
Rabbi Baal Haness or the miracle worker ... this great tzadik saved his sister-in-law who was captured by the Romans. He bribed one of the guards and told him that to be safe from danger he would just have to say "Gd of Meir, answer me": when the emperor commanded he be hanged, he used Rabbi Meir's sentence and the rope broke several times until the executioners gave up on hanging him. It is customary to go to Rabbi Meir’s grave to donate Tzedakah. This student of Rabbi Akiva is known for his power to solve any trouble or need.

From Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, embark for a day on the trail of these wise men who guided the Jewish people!


Choose the day of your visit according to the language proposed:

English tour: Thursday

French tour: Sunday


  • Enjoy the services of a private guide, certified by the Israel Tourist Authority, in the language of your choice
  • A guided tour of the Tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai and Rabbi Eleazar Bar Shimon
  • A guided tour of Tsfat and the old city cemetery
  • A guided tour of the Tomb of Rabbi Akiva
  • A guided tour of the Tomb of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness
  • Transportation on an air-conditioned bus from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv

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  1. Whether you are practicing or not, book your visit of the Righteous of Israel in Galilee! Visits are open to all publics.
  2. Note that some sites are not accesible with a stroller.
  3. Come with a suitable outfit for a visit to holy places: covered shoulders and no clothes too short.
  4. Bring a bottle of water, a hat, hiking shoes and a backpack, and get ready for a unique experience! Also think about providing a small snack for lunch.
  5. Please arrive a few minutes before the start of your tour so as not miss any part of this unique adventure.
  6. The tour is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.
  7. If you are with a group of friends and want to enjoy this activity together, just let us know!
  8. We advise you to give a tip to your guide at the end of the visit.
  9. The program is provided on an indicative basis and may be subject to change due to weather or safety hazards.

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    Découverte, visites avec un soupçon de spiritualité!! Le guide était génial et le groupe très sympathique !!

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    Even if you don’t believe, go to this journey. it’s one day, the places are beautiful (on a mountain, in tsfat, in tiberias….) , and you will come back to your every day life with a full mind.

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    ברוך השם יכלנו להתפלל כמו שצריך על הקברים של צדיקים שלנו. הנסיעה הייתה נעימה מאוד.

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