Devenez une Place to be

Devenez un hôte Isradreams et laissez les voyageurs profiter de votre logement unique en Israël!

Devenez une Friendly House

Vous êtes une famille ayant des enfants entre 14 et 18 ans et souhaitez accueillir des jeunes juifs de leur âge, devenez une de nos Friendly House.

Trip of the month: Dead Sea and Judean desert

This week we focus on Julie and Barbara’s Bachelorettes at the Dead Sea!

With sunglasses and straw hats in hand, Julie, Barbara and their friends came to Israel for a Bachelorette weekend, made in Isradreams – Two days spent between the Crowne Plaza hotel’s spa at the Dead Sea, Israeli cuisine workshop, a night in luxurious tents and a walk along the Judean oasis of Ein Prat and its natural pools.

Mud baths, good times, heavenly sceneries, good food, camp fires, marshmallows and s’mores, natural pools, in so many words – two days of fun.

What are you waiting for to book your activities with Isradreams?

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