Devenez une Place to be

Devenez un hôte Isradreams et laissez les voyageurs profiter de votre logement unique en Israël!

Devenez une Friendly House

Vous êtes une famille ayant des enfants entre 14 et 18 ans et souhaitez accueillir des jeunes juifs de leur âge, devenez une de nos Friendly House.

IsraDreams training team

The staff of IsraDreams camps consists of experienced and professional social instructors, logistics workers, program managers and camp management, aged between 21 and 30 years old. Everyone has a background and significant experience in informal education with children and youth from Israel and around the world.


All of our tour leaders have previous training experience: graduated of Jewish Agency youth movements and delegations to summer camps in the U.S. and Europe. They are all educators at heart, love to travel and are passionate about mentoring teens.

The staff hired by IsraDreams undergoes a quality screening process that takes place throughout the year and which ends at the end of May. Every year in May we hold a very intensive training seminar to prepare the instructors for the summer and make them the elite of the social instructors – the best staff for your child!

Our instructors are professional, caring, valued and know how to turn every moment in camp into an unforgettable experience!


Are you a guide and dreaming of joining us this summer? To work in the IsraDreams of the Israeli experience is to become part of a large family and not just a family! An energetic, caring and fun family!


Send your resume and Join us !


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