Devenez une Place to be

Devenez un hôte Isradreams et laissez les voyageurs profiter de votre logement unique en Israël!

Devenez une Friendly House

Vous êtes une famille ayant des enfants entre 14 et 18 ans et souhaitez accueillir des jeunes juifs de leur âge, devenez une de nos Friendly House.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have a question ? You are in the right place ! Read and learn how we can help you on Isradreams.

  • How to create my account on Isradreams?

    If you’re not yet a member of the isradreams.community, go to www.isradreams.com, go to the menu bar on the top right, and click on register.

    Registration and creation of an account on Isradreams is free.

    Once registered, don’t forget to create your profile before making a reservation, or posting an ad. Go to My Profile, fill out your personal information, bank information, and upload your ID card.

    We encourage you to add a description in your profile: tell your host or guests who you are, where you live, what you like. Think of putting a picture to make your profile more attractive. It is not mandatory, but strongly recommended to improve your profile.

  • What to do if I haven’t received my confirmation email for my account?

    You haven’t received your confirmation email for you account? Here are a few things to check to fix this problem.

    1. 1. Check all your messages in your inbox

    Some of your emails can automatically be routed to different folders in your inbox, and get lost there. It is also possible that you have defined certain parameters in your email that would make emails go to a different folder in your email. Do a search with keywords like “Isradreams” to find the email.


    1. 2. Check your Spam

    It’s possible that the email was automatically transferred to your Spam folder. Check your spam folder, and think of adding [email protected] as a contact, so future emails will be routed to your inbox, and not spam.


    1. 3. Check if your email address is correct

    It’s possible that there was a typo when entering your email address. Sign in to your Isradreams account, and check that your email address is correctly entered in “My Profile”. If there is an error, correct the mistake, click on Register at the bottom of the page. Disconnect, then reconnect and click on “Send a confirmation email” on the pop up that will appear on your screen.


    If the problem persists, contact us.

  • Why choose Isracamp?

    The IsraDreams camp provides an excellent opportunity to build friendships with youth from all over the country and from all over the world, in a beautiful, dynamic, educational and safe environment.

    IsraDreams Camp is organized by “Israeli Experience”, a subsidiary of the Jewish Agency which was founded in  1958. As a subsidiary of the Jewish Agency, Israel Experience provides tailored programs with rich and varied content for all age groups, while maintaining the highest standards in the areas of safety and security.

    Our mission is to create powerful, meaningful and enjoyable educational experiences.

  • Who are our educators ?

    Our instructors are young adults between the ages of 21 and 30, who have completed military or national service and have undergone specialized training to become educators at Israel Experience. They have also been affiliated with various youth movements as participants and instructors and are talented, experienced and professional.

  • Are children divided by age groups?

    Yes! We customize both content and team of tour leaders according to participant age group.  

  • Is the camp also suitable for Sabbath-observers?

    The core of “IsraDreams” camp was formed to create connections between youth of various backgrounds from all over the world. Both secular non-observant and observant campers will feel comfortable in the camp as we place a special emphasis on recruiting instructors from various backgrounds as well.


    The kitchen is completely kosher under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. The campus includes a synagogue and regular prayer times are included in the schedule. Campers and educators gather together on Friday evening to share in an experiential and memorable Shabbat ceremony. The social activities held on Shabbat are appropriate for those who observe the Sabbath as well. 


  • Security and safety - Is the IsraDreams camp approved by the Ministries of Education and Sports?

    Yes! The IsraDreams camp is certified by both the Ministries of Education and Sports in Israel. We adhere to all the rules and regulations as set forth by the Ministries of Education and Nature Reserve.

  • Security and safety - What are the medical arrangements in the camp?

    The camp is equipped with a 24-hour, onsite clinic and a paramedic to provide medical attention to those who require it. The paramedic will have a copy of your child’s medical form, which you will have completed online during registration.

  • Security and safety - What are the security arrangements in the camp?

    The campus is fenced in and secured 24 hours a day and a permanent guard stands at the gate.

  • Telephone and communication policy - What are the rules regarding media in the camp?

    The IsraDreams camp promotes interpersonal relationships, independence, personal empowerment and leadership. We believe that in order to create true friendships we must create a unique environment without screens. Spending the summer without technologies and screens, makes the journey in the camp an amazing experience. Therefore, we prohibit the use of phones /laptops / PCs / tablets and so on. Devices brought to the camp will be stored securely in the camp offices.


    We allow campers to call home once a week on Friday afternoon. Of course, in case of an emergency, we will contact you immediately.

    Before the beginning of camp you will receive the contact details of our office manager who will be available during the day and will be able to answer all your questions.

  • Are there parental visits during the camp?

    There are no parental visits during the camp session as it would detracts from the camp experience. You will see the tremendous experiences your children go through in photos and videos that are posted daily on our Facebook page which will be shared with you.

  • Food and accommodation - Is the camp open to children with food sensitivities?

    Please detail any and all food restrictions and allergies during the registration process and we will accommodate your child accordingly.

  • Food and accommodation - What are the conditions in the room?

    Each room has between 3 and 6 beds, closets, a shower and a toilet.

  • Food and accommodation - Is it possible to ask to be with a friend in the room?

    When completing the information forms you can request to room with a specific friend for the summer. We try very hard to honor all requests.

  • Costs and regulations - What is the cancellation policy?

    For cancellations made until April 20, 2022, a full refund, including the registration fee, will be issued.

    For cancellations made between April 20th through May 20th– a refund will be issued excluding the registration fee of NIS 400

    After May 20, 2022 – no refunds will be issued.

  • Is it possible to change of Summer Camp after registration?

    This can be done on a space availability basis by inquiring with the office.

  • "Bring a Friend"

    You have already participated in our camp and you are interested in sharing the experience with your friends!

    For every friend who refer to us who registers for at least 10 days of camp you will receive a discount of 400 NIS.

    For every friend who refer to us who registers for a week or less you will receive a discount of 200 NIS.

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